QMEs/AMEs-Join Our Team!

Med-Docs is a specialized medical-legal practice management firm that offers comprehensive statewide administrative support to QMEs/AMEs. Our firm is a concierge-type medical-legal management firm. We limit the number of examiners so that we can provide focused management, marketing and billing services. Excellent reporting served in a timely manner is our focus.

Our Services

Administrative Services

Proficient administrative management of your med-legal practice
Scheduling of QME exam appointments and depositions per YOUR schedule
Coordination of diagnostic study arrangements

Medical Historians

We have skilled historians who will obtain a medical histories from the injured workers prior to the QME/AME appointment.

Medical Assistants

Med-Docs will send 1-2 skilled medical assistants with charts and information to each scheduled QME/AME clinic.

Cursory Report

A cursory report will be assembled and sent to the doctor via email in Word. a) You, the examiner will review and edit your own report. b) Once approved, sent the report back.

Timely Delivery

Med-Docs will serve the report to the appropriate parties in a timely manner.

Simple Billing

Med-Docs will bill and collect.

Simple Payment

You will receive bi-weekly or monthly checks, whichever you choose.


Med-Docs is one of the very few med-legal management firms that actually markets their doctors. Unlike other management companies, we limit the number of med-legal examiners on our team. We have marketers that are focused on promoting your practice.

Ready To Get Started?

Fill out this short form and we will get back to you right away!

Ready To Get Started?

Fill out this short form and we will get back to you right away!